The Ultimate eBook Bundle for Self-Love


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The Ultimate eBook Bundle for Self-Love

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Discover a transformative self-love journey with 



Unlock the key to embracing your true self and living a more fulfilling life today!


This empowering package includes:

Journey to Self-Love Playbook: A comprehensive guide filled with practical exercises and insightful tips that will help you build a strong foundation for self-love, raise your self-esteem, and break free from negative thought patterns. With this playbook, learn how to embrace vulnerability, set healthy boundaries, and cultivate positive relationships in your life.
My Journal of Self-Love: A beautiful journal specially crafted for you to document your personal journey towards self-acceptance and love. This journal includes inspiring prompts that encourage reflection, gratitude, and daily affirmations – making it the perfect companion on your path towards personal growth.
Affirmations for Self-Love Set of 30 Digital Cards: An essential collection of 30 powerful affirmation cards designed to rewire your thoughts and beliefs about yourself. These cards will inspire daily confidence-boosting mantras that foster positive thinking and strengthen your sense of self-worth.
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Start living a life full of happiness, contentment, and deep appreciation for yourself. Purchase this exceptional set of 3 PDF resources and take the first step towards a more authentic and fulfilling life today!

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Kapil and Rupali Apshankar

Kapil and Rupali Apshankar

Certified Heal Your Life Coaches and Workshop Leaders

Course Instructor

Rupali Apshankar is a lawyer turned product manager turned coach. She has formal training in Indian classical music and sound healing. Rupali is a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. She will soon be a Board Certified Coach, the highest professional credential in the coaching space. Rupali is also a certified Relationship Coach based on the Activation Method of coaching as taught by Mark and Magali Peysha. She loves to guide meditations for people and is a Certified Music Therapist.

Kapil Apshankar is an Amazon best-selling author of “Done! The Art of Managing Your Priorities” and a TEDx speaker. He is a licensed and certified hypnotherapist and a master hypnotic coach with affiliation to National Guild of Hypnotists and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Kapil is also a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. Kapil has formal training and experience in a variety of eastern and modern complementary energy healing systems.