Heal Your Life Journey

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Heal Your Life Journey

About Course

A powerful life transforming online course 

Based on the philosophy of best-selling author Louise Hay


6 Months Access to HYL Journey portal with lectures,  videos, audios, meditations, slides, affirmations, and additional resources. The ONLY official course based on Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life philosophy with standardized content accessed by thousands of participants across the world. 

Transform Your Life By...

  • Identifying Negative Thought Patterns
  • Uncovering Negative Beliefs
  • Discovering The Mind-Body Connection
  • Healing The Inner Child
  • Improving Family Dynamics and Stress Responses
  • Releasing Negative Emotions
  • Clearing Through Forgiveness
  • Creating A New Life Story

Please note: When you purchase this course, you will get access to the course after 24 hours. There is a manual step involved in giving you access to the official Heal Your Life portal. 

Course content

videoIntroduction to Heal Your Life Philosophy - By Kapil and Rupali Start
videoExploring patterns & limiting beliefs around Deservability Start
videoDeservability Meditation by Dr. Patricia Crane Start
videoDecide what you want Start
videoIdentify Your current Deservability Level Start
videoCreate powerful affirmations Start
videoDiscovering Patterns on Love & Relationships Start
videoExplore judgements ‘Us v/s Them’ Start
videoReleasing Emotions Start
videoLouise Hay's Video On Love Start
videoGrowing love- affirmations to loving relationships Start
videoExploring patterns & experiences of prosperity Start
videoLouise Hay's Video on Prosperity Start
videoDo You engage in ‘scarcity’ thinking or have an ‘abundance’ mindset? Start
videoCreating powerful prosperity affirmations Start
videoCreating possibilities – A Treasure Map Start
videoPowerful Healing Light Meditation by Rick Nichols Start
videoExploring family patterns of dis-ease Start
videoReleasing Limiting thoughts on health Start
videoLouise Hay on Mind Body Connection Start
videoMind-Body Visualization- Listening to your body’s messages Start
videoAffirmations to great health Start
videoDo You Have Healthy Boundaries? – A Quick Quiz Start
videoDiscovering Boundaries Start
videoWhat We Say Yes To – What We Say No To defines our life Start
videoVisualization & Affirmations For Healthy Boundaries Start
videoBONUS 1: Worksheets to Help You Discover, Create and Live Your Bliss Start
videoAffirmations to Heal Your Life Start
Kapil and Rupali Apshankar

Kapil and Rupali Apshankar

Certified Heal Your Life Coaches and Workshop Leaders

Course Instructor

Rupali Apshankar is a lawyer turned product manager turned coach. She has formal training in Indian classical music and sound healing. Rupali is a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. She will soon be a Board Certified Coach, the highest professional credential in the coaching space. Rupali is also a certified Relationship Coach based on the Activation Method of coaching as taught by Mark and Magali Peysha. She loves to guide meditations for people and is a Certified Music Therapist.

Kapil Apshankar is an Amazon best-selling author of “Done! The Art of Managing Your Priorities” and a TEDx speaker. He is a licensed and certified hypnotherapist and a master hypnotic coach with affiliation to National Guild of Hypnotists and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Kapil is also a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. Kapil has formal training and experience in a variety of eastern and modern complementary energy healing systems.