Foundations of Hypnotherapy

Foundations of Hypnotherapy

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All The Lessons Will Only Be Available For 3 Days After The Respective Session
Discover the Mysteries of the Mind... So That Transformative Healing & Growth Become Your Mastery.
In This Blissvana Signature Hypnotherapy Foundations Training Program
You’ll Learn How To...

1. Navigate the intricate pathways of the subconscious, tapping into its vast potential.
2. Use hypnosis techniques to guide individuals towards profound self-awareness and healing.
3. Embark on a journey towards a lucrative career in hypnotherapy, leveraging its therapeutic potential.
4. Recognize and address deep-seated emotional blocks and traumas.
5. Cultivate trust and rapport, setting the foundation for effective hypnotherapy sessions. 
  • Day 1: Science of Hypnosis

Understand how hypnosis is a powerful tool for change.

  • Day 2: States of Relaxation

Explore the various levels of relaxation

  • Day 3: Advance Your Career

Become a sought after coach, healer or therapist with hypnotherapy expertise

  • Day 4: Inner Child Work

Heal the inner child. Resolve deep-seated traumas and emotional wounds.

  • Day 5: Trust and Rapport

Master the art of building genuine trust and rapport. 

Course content

videoDay 1 Replay - Science of Hypnosis
videoDay 2 Replay - States of Relaxation
videoDay 3 Replay - Advance Your Career
videoDay 4 Replay - Inner Child Work
videoDay 5 Replay - Trust and Rapport

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Kapil and Rupali Apshankar

Kapil and Rupali Apshankar

Certified Heal Your Life Coaches and Workshop Leaders

Course Instructor

Rupali Apshankar is a lawyer turned product manager turned coach. She has formal training in Indian classical music and sound healing. Rupali is a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. She will soon be a Board Certified Coach, the highest professional credential in the coaching space. Rupali is also a certified Relationship Coach based on the Activation Method of coaching as taught by Mark and Magali Peysha. She loves to guide meditations for people and is a Certified Music Therapist.

Kapil Apshankar is an Amazon best-selling author of “Done! The Art of Managing Your Priorities” and a TEDx speaker. He is a licensed and certified hypnotherapist and a master hypnotic coach with affiliation to National Guild of Hypnotists and American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Kapil is also a certified Heal Your Life workshop leader, teacher and coach in the philosophy of Louise Hay with affiliation to Hay House. Kapil has formal training and experience in a variety of eastern and modern complementary energy healing systems.